They’ll Call 2014 the Year the Internet Died… But You’ll Just Call It “The Year I Made My Millions”


January 18, 2014
They’ll Call 2014 the Year the Internet Died… But You’ll Just Call It “The Year I Made My Millions”
Silicon Valley is dancing on the Internet’s grave — and gearing up to cash in on the birth of an even BIGGER tech industry.

From solving traffic jams to weighing soup cans…
From catching terrorists to watching television …
From modern medicine to professional football…

The world will NEVER be the same.
And dollar for dollar, insiders are calling for one of the biggest new markets in the history of capitalism…
NOW is the time to get in on the stock that stands to grow YOUR money 1,019% or more by 2020…
Regardless of where the market goes!

Dear Observant Investor,

The Internet is dead — and Silicon Valley is popping champagne bottles at its funeral.

But don’t take my word for it…

Just ask John.

John is the CEO of a big technology company. In fact, a few years back, his firm wasn’t just “a big technology company”… it was the biggest technology company on the planet. It sells popular online software and applications, and makes a pretty penny along the way.
John Chambers

People call John a smart guy. That’s how he got to be the CEO of the biggest technology company on the planet. So why is John — and most of Silicon Valley — calling for the death of the Internet as we know it? Read on for the answer to that question… and the key to making 11x your money in six short years.

And considering that John has been the head honcho of his firm for just under two decades, you better believe that he does pretty well for himself, too.

So here’s the million dollar question…

Why is John — whose $121 billion business is based entirely on selling Internet products–travelling around the world telling anyone who will listen that the Internet is going the way of the Dodo bird?

And here’s the $14.4 TRILLION question…

Why the heck does he seem so happy about it?

I’ll tell you the answer — and the name of the one small-cap company that could easily let you turn $500 into $5,595 — in just a moment…

But first, I think it’s important to explain how I got caught up in all this…
It was late July — and I was about to get clued into the BIGGEST investment opportunity of our lifetime

The door was shut.

The blinds were drawn.

There were exactly five of us were sitting in that tiny, non-descript room.

I take it back. Exactly four of us were sitting.

The fifth man — the one who had called the meeting, and who had “officially” ended it just a few seconds earlier — stood pacing in front of a whiteboard, his brow furrowed in intense concentration.

He had something to say. And as the silence of my peers and I made clear, he was the kind of man whose words were well worth waiting for.

I won’t say this man was “magic” — that would be an insult to your intelligence.

But I will say this: when you’ve seen someone do the impossible enough times, you begin to believe that the term “impossible” doesn’t really apply to them…

And when it came to picking stocks, this man laughed at the impossible.

Like in 1994, when he snatched up AOL while the rest of the world called it “impossibly overvalued”…

Or in 1997, when his call flew directly in the face of the popular notion that it would be impossible for a little website to upend the time-tested dominance of brick-and-mortar bookstores…

(That pick has since gone up over 100x in value… but if you hang on for just a few moments, you’ll be clued into a stock that’s poised to soar even higher…)

Or just last year, when he doubled down on a stock that had risen by 106% in six short months — only to watch it make an impossible 362% run in the months that followed!

Of course, my colleagues and I weren’t the only ones who recognized his talents.

In the years leading up to that overcast July afternoon, his work had already turned scores of everyday investors into millionaires…

And before the summer was out, he’d be in the pages of the Wall Street Journal, graciously accepting the honor of being the world’s number #1 growth investor.

But I wasn’t thinking about all that. Instead, I was thinking about doing my job…

And that meant perking up and listening when my boss finally decided to share what was on his mind.

“Team,” he said, finally standing still for a moment, “I’ve got an idea that I’m very excited about. I think it could be a big winner…”

He paused to look us each in the eye.

“Bigger than all of my other winners — combined”

He glanced at the door to make sure it was still shut tight…

Then he leaned over the table, uttered four simple words, and turned to walk out of the room.

And those four words are all I’ve been thinking about, ever since.
Those 4 words stand between you and your millions — That’s why I’m thrilled to share them with you today…

As you’ve probably already guessed, I’m a stock market analyst… so “doing my job” means bird-dogging every ticker symbol and emerging industry my boss throws my way.

Sometimes that means heading over to Manhattan, to see what hot stock all the investment bankers are slobbering over…

And sometimes it means flying out to San Francisco, to check in with management from companies like Google and Facebook…

But most of the time, it means hunkering down at my desk and getting right to the bottom of some “next big thing” technology…

So I can figure out whether it’s built on run-of-the-mill hype or genuine high-growth potential.

And for the past few months, that’s EXACTLY what I’ve been doing…

Sniffing out the facts behind those four little words that had the world’s top growth investor literally pacing with excitement.

Now keep in mind, we’ve seen some dud “tech revolutions” recently…

Like the solar market that never got around to heating up…
Or all that “wearable computer” gear that no one actually wanted to wear…
Or “4G” cell-phone service — which is only good for costing 4 times as much as whatever came before it!

So when I tucked into my research for this emerging industry that had my boss all hot-and-bothered, I was expecting to find a lot in the way of hot air and a little — or nothing — in the way of money to be made…

Suffice it to say: I was dead wrong.

And it didn’t stop there…


Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve done on-the-ground research on plenty of “bleeding-edge” technologies in my day…

But in terms of the real-world implications of a single technological leap, I’ve never seen anything like this before — not even close.

Frankly, I’m surprised it’s not on the front page of every newspaper in America!

(Actually, I’m not surprised at all… with all the nonsense going on in Washington — not to mention the rest of the world — it’s no wonder the good news gets pushed to page six.)

But that’s not to say it hasn’t been getting some pretty serious attention.

The Economist is breathless about how it will do everything from lowering crime to reducing road accidents…

The Wall Street Journal expects it to radically change both business and personal life — from “the hand-towel dispenser in the washroom” to “your car, your kettle, your toaster… even the mousetraps in your attic.”

The European Union is so convinced of this technology’s massive impact that it already has a hush-hush multi-national committee (codenamed “Unit D4″) working around the clock to introduce laws and governance for it…

And over in China the Beijing bureaucrats are planning to use it to make telephone-booth sized virtual health clinics for billions of rural villagers.

Heck, even the NFL is thinking about getting onboard. Pretty soon, referees might be out of a job…

Because the football will automatically “know” when it’s crossed the goal-line!
Of course, you and I both know enough not to trust everything journalists put in the newspaper…

They’re the only people I know who can make “news” out of politicians doing a whole bunch of nothing week after week!

So the real kicker for me wasn’t some sensational headline…

It was what John had to say about it.

[ is] $14.4 trillion in profit…
from one concept alone.

– John Chambers, CEO Cisco Systems, May 2013

Just a few short months ago, at a corporate event that went largely unnoticed, the head honcho of Cisco Systems put a number on the industry this earth-shaking new technology will create…

$14.4 — TRILLION — dollars.

As I shared earlier, John’s enthusiasm for this explosive new market seemed very strange…

Because the technology he was cheerleading stands to put an end to the Internet as we know it…

And you don’t need me to tell you that Cisco relies pretty heavily on the Internet to do its business!

It seems crazy — why would a Fortune 500 CEO travel around the world actively campaigning for the death of his own business?

The answer is simpler than you think. But before we get to that…
Let’s talk money

Now I’m betting that you know a little bit about money — you wouldn’t be reading this today if you didn’t…

So I don’t have to tell you how much money $14.4 trillion really is…

Or how the emergence of a brand-new $14.4 trillion technology would equate to one of the single most lucrative developments in the history of modern business.

Just think about it: we’re talking about an industry that, over a few short years, could cumulatively generate enough value to almost DOUBLE the annual size of the entire U.S. economy…

1 Mystery Market Bigger
Than the Entire Chinese Economy
Industry Value

(2011 Revenue Generated vs. 2020 Cumulative Value Generated; IAB Research/Cisco Systems)

The projected value of this single industry is significantly larger than the entire Chinese economy. In fact, even if you add in the GDPs of Canada and Norway, this mystery “Internet-killer” market still comes out on top. And if you add the single small-cap stock that’s supercharging that market to your portfolio, you’ll be staring at economy-sized earnings through 2020!

Hyper-Growth Sector Projection

This white-hot technology isn’t just supposed to replace the Internet… it’s also slated to create one of the biggest new markets in the history of capitalism. Will you claim your stake before it goes on a historic 1,019% tear?

An industry bigger than the economies of China, Norway, and Canada — COMBINED.

And here’s the very best part: this isn’t some “hundred-year out” hocus-pocus projection about a market that doesn’t even exist…

In 2011, experts estimated it quietly netted $44 billion in global revenue…

And that $14.4 trillion figure isn’t for the year 3000…

It’s for 2020…

Meaning investors can expect to watch the value generated by this market grow by $14.36 trillion in just SIX short years.

So what EXACTLY does all that growth mean for investors like you?

Here’s another way of looking at it…

Industry insiders expect the number of worldwide connected devices to grow by 22% annually from now until the end of the decade.

And considering that “connected devices” are a big part of this company’s business (but NOT in the way you think–we’ll get back to that later…), it’s reasonable to assume that its revenue should grow by at least the same rate.

In that scenario, even if this diamond-in-the-rough company were trading at a massive discount relative to other high-flying technology stocks…

(Like Twitter, which currently goes for more than a whopping 60 times sales…)

My model suggests it could still appreciate AT LEAST 1,019% — in less time than it takes for a president to bungle two terms in office!

At any rate, every $1 invested in this stock would balloon to over $11…

Every $500 could exceed $5,595…

And for just over ten large today, you could be sitting on a cool $110,000 — with change to spare — in less than seven years.

I think you’ll agree that wouldn’t just be a “good” deal…

It would be the cash-building opportunity of a lifetime.

So what are those four words that the world’s top growth investor uttered on that cloudy July morning…

That have tech CEOs trotting the globe so they can put on conferences about the end of the Internet…

And will lead you directly to the biggest payday the stock market has ever offered?

I’ll tell you in just a moment…
But first, I hope you’ll allow me a proper introduction

My name is David Meier, and I work for a company called The Motley Fool. You may have read about us in The Economist. Or seen one of our founders on CNBC. Or maybe you know someone who subscribes to our award-winning Stock Advisor newsletter.

Or maybe you’ve never heard of us. That’s fine too. Because I can sum up what my company does in one, simple sentence:

We help everyday investors crush the market — and we’re darn good at it.

Part of the reason we’ve been so successful with our recommendations over the past twenty years — picking companies like in 2004 (up 4,789%), or Amazon in 2002 (up 2,497%) — is that our analyst team is made up of some of the world’s best investors.

I should know… I work with them every day!

In my years of analyzing stocks here at The Motley Fool, I’ve had the privilege of learning from some of the world’s smartest investors about how to invest the “Foolish Way”. What does that mean?

Well, for starters it means identifying the world’s best companies…

With an uncanny ability to create value for their customers and problems for their competitors…

And buying for the long-term, so profits can expand over time…

But more importantly, it means learning how to think differently. How to ignore all the talking-heads who tell you to buy one day and sell the next, or try to time the market based on convoluted macro-economic calls.

It means having the foresight to invest in eBay in 2002… and the courage to invest in Apple during 2008…

In short, investing “Foolishly” means going against the undercooked wisdom that the so-called “financial news media” is constantly tossing out of the squawkbox…
And nobody does that better than my boss.

In the interest of full disclosure, I suppose I should come clean with you.

You see, I don’t just do research for a “good” growth investor…or a “great” growth investor…

I work for the #1 growth investor in the entire world.

And even though he’d be the last one to admit it, he’s something of a celebrity…

(Especially amongst high net-worth individuals… many of whom made their millions based off of his advice!) calls him one of the world’s “most followed stock-pickers.” The New York Times calls him a best-selling author. And everyone from Larry King to Dr. Phil is used to calling him “today’s guest”. As for me…

I just call him the best investor I know. But don’t take my word for it — his picks speak for themselves.

Marvel Entertainment (later bought by Disney) in 2002
(up over 3,693%)
Activision Blizzard in 2003 (up over 938%) in 2004 (up over 2,504%)

If you’re been in the market for half as long as I have, then you’ve been around long enough to know that returns like these are truly exceptional. And to know that even one “home-run” investment can change your entire financial well-being.

Well guess what? My boss has changed hundreds of thousands of lives by recommending hundreds of home-run investments. He’s just that good.

I’ll tell you all about him in just a minute. But for now, I need you to know why I’m absolutely thrilled to be writing you today. And why I’m 100% confident that in exchange for just a few minutes of your time, I’ll be able to set you on your way to life-changing wealth.

It has to do with what my boss said when I told him that the experts were calling for a $14.4 TRILLION opportunity to go with that megatrend he had clued me and the team into…

“I bet it will be even bigger than that.”

With that in mind, I’m now going to reveal what I consider to be the most promising opportunity the market has to offer.

I sincerely hope you’ll read closely…

Because you’re one ticker symbol away from the fortune of your dreams.
4 Words, 1 Can’t-Miss Opportunity… Get in NOW on “The Internet of Everything”

Sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it…

“The Internet of Everything.”

But listen closely: if you have two eyes, ten fingers, and a few more minutes to spare, you’ll quickly understand why I’m dead serious about the potential of this new market.

At the beginning of this letter, I addressed you as an “Observant Investor”…

I’m sincerely hoping that’s the case.

Because if it is, you’ll need nothing more than your own experiences to see — in high definition — why the market is currently extending you perhaps the sweetest deal it’s EVER offered…

Allow me to explain.

When it comes to investing in game-changing new technologies, history has proven time and again that the real money isn’t in the invention of something…

The real money is in the implementation.

Take electricity, for example.
Future of the Internet

The Internet started out on a few switchboards in California–now it’s in two or three “smart devices” in every home in America. But with experts calling for the number of global internet-connected devices to sky-rocket from 1.5 billion to 50 billion by 2020, in-the-know investors are gearing up for the World Wide Web to make the same transition from “specialized” gizmos to “everyday” objects that made men like Thomas Edison wildly rich a century earlier.

Humans have known about the existence of electrical charges since at least 2750 BC, when Ancient Egyptians wrote texts describing the electric eel as the “Thunderer of the Nile “…

And we’ve been able to harness that power since at least 1800 — that’s the year Italian physicist Alessandro Volta first put together a pile of zinc and copper that would later become known as a “battery”…

But if you gave me a time machine and told pick a year to make an investment in electricity, you couldn’t pay me to put money behind some inventor’s makeshift pile of charged-up metal…

(Or an electric eel, for that matter!)

Instead, I’d take all my cash-on-hand and head back to 1892…

The year a man by the name of Thomas Edison formed a little company known as General Electric…

And took electricity from a laboratory invention, or a toy of the ultra-rich, to a marketable technology that could be IMPLEMENTED in millions of physical (and profitable) everyday products!

All that time leading up to 1892 might have been fun for Egyptian authors and Italian inventors…

But for American capitalists, the REAL sweet spot was at the very end of the gap between invention and implementation.
Why NOW is the final stage of the Digital Era’s “Implementation Gap”

Put simply, the Internet of Everything is the final stage of the Internet’s progression.

But you haven’t read this far just to hear the simple explanation!

So consider this: in 1969, when the Internet was first invented, it could only be used by a few professors operating some clunky switchboards in Menlo Park, California…
1 Idea, 100 Years in the Making

The industry around the Internet of Everything may be brand-new… but the idea itself is nearly a century old.

In an interview with Colliers Magazine, Nikola Tesla, the father of modern electricity, predicts the Internet of Everthing when he describes a “wireless system” that will convert the entire earth into “a huge brain.”

Famed German computer scientist Karl Steinbuch declares that “in a few decades time, computers will be interwoven into almost every industrial product.”

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology establishes a research laboratory dedicated exclusively to the Internet of Everything. The project is, in its own words, comprised of “seven of the world’s most renowned research universities located on four different continents.”

The European Union revives Unit D4 of its cutting edge “CORDIS” research program. Its new mission? “To support and co-ordinate research for the development of technologies relating to the Internet of Everything.”

General Electric releases a research memo regarding the implications of the Internet of Everything. The report concludes that “the world is on the threshold of a new era.”

Cisco CEO John Chambers estimates that the Internet of Everything will deliver $14.4 trillion in business value by the year 2020.

One small-cap company — trading at less than 8 times earnings — positions itself perfectly to ride this massive wave.

But by 1986, a handful of high-powered players in the international community, including research institutes, educational systems — and, so the rumor goes, the Pentagon — were able to harness the power of the Internet for some secretive tinkering…

(Much like Alessandro Volta could reproduce the electrical charges of “Thunderer of the Nile” fish in his laboratory!)

Then came the 1990′s. The convergence of desktop PCs and Internet Service Providers (or, as I like to call them, “those $@!% cable companies”) brought the World Wide Web to consumers everywhere.

And for the next two decades, as companies like Apple and Samsung continued to release new gizmos and gadgets, the Internet went from being in two or three switchboards in California to two or three devices in every home in America.

(Sort of like electricity spread from Alessandro Volta’s lab to a few turn-of-the-century appliances across America: the lightbulb, the clothing iron…for the upper crust, maybe even a newfangled “dishwasher”.)

But much like electricity quickly transformed from a special technology that existed in a select few specialized products…

To an old standard in everything from cars to clocks to clothing…fences to food processors to farm equipment…street-lights to sneakers to school supplies…

The Internet — and all the potential for progress it brings with it — is about to move from “Internet-Only” objects to EVERYDAY objects…

Meaning tens of billions of regular “things”…

Sidewalks and cereal boxes…minivans and dress pants…the lawn mower in your shed and the pillows on your bed…

Will soon be connected together in an Internet of Everything.

Granted, the “Internet of Everything” is just the term that scientists, CEOs, academics, and other brainiacs are using to talk about this incredible opportunity…

(And boy are they talking about it…in fact, for nearly a century the brightest minds in the world have been eagerly anticipating this enormous new market.)

But frankly, even though this shift will be absolutely massive in terms of its real-world impact, I think there’s a relatively simple way to describe what’s happening…
The Death of the “Internet” — and the birth of the “InterWorld”

You’ve probably met a lot of different people in your life — but have you ever met someone who enjoys getting caught in a traffic jam?

Me neither.

So picture this: before you even get in your car tomorrow morning, you receive a text message informing you that the road you normally take to work is bumper-to-bumper.

Looks like you’ll have to take a new route.

But rather than opening up your computer and searching for (and, even worse, printing out) that new route, you simply get into your car, turn on the ignition, and listen while the car “tells” you which detour to take.

Then you “tell” the car to make sure that route passes by a supermarket…and right away, it spits out new directions!

Think that sounds crazy? Well think again — because that’s the “InterWorld” in action.

You see, once you take the power of the Internet outside of just “smart devices” and put it into all the other objects we rely on every day, the potential benefits of a truly connected planet REALLY start to stack up.

What does the “InterWorld” look like?



Pill bottles that “call” doctors to say that they haven’t been opened that morning — letting you know right away that an elderly loved one has forgotten to take their medicine.

Clothing that “senses” changes in your body, so that you can spot potential problems — and get to a doctor — at the very earliest stages.


Offices that “monitor” when the last employee has left the building, and manage power usage (and time sheets!) accordingly.

Factories that “know” when a product is being manufactured improperly, and shut down production immediately to avoid further capital losses.

Vending machines that “track” which items are most in-demand, and “call” their suppliers before those items run out.

Public Safety

Roads that “warn” commuters about icy conditions by automatically sending out alerts to all cars in a five-mile radius.

Bridges that “measure” how worn out their suspension cables are, so that engineers can start maintenance well in advance of any real accidents.


Milk cartons that “read” finger-prints…so that terrorists get caught when they go to the convenience store.

Door knobs that “report” when a stranger has been fiddling with them, making it easier to prevent robberies before they happen.

And in terms of how the “InterWorld” will improve YOUR life, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, when it comes to the full extent of this technology’s transformative potential, one of the best stock-pickers on the planet truly put it best…
“…the possibilities are nearly endless”


That’s not just the best way to describe the potential of the InterWorld to improve the lives of Earth’s 7.1 billion citizens…

It’s also a good way to describe the profits to be made by those who invest in the InterWorld now…

And gear up to watch their money grow by 89% annually for the next six years straight.

Look: if you’re anything like me, I’m willing to bet that you “like” technology just fine…

But it isn’t some hot new gizmo or gadget that really gets your blood boiling.

It’s the opportunity to invest in that breakneck new technology — and watch your wealth grow at a breakneck pace — that truly motivates you.

That’s why it’s so fortunate that you’ve chosen to hear me out today.

Because regardless of how you feel about the revolutionary technological shift the InterWorld represents, the facts of the matter are painfully clear:

The InterWorld revolution is already underway — and gaining momentum at an incredible pace.
There is one company that sits at the very heart of the InterWorld market… and it stands to rake in billions of dollars between now and 2020.

Most investors haven’t heard about the InterWorld yet — they’re still busy trying to figure out when Apple will release another piece of “iJunk”.

But those savvy individuals who HAVE clued into this opportunity are going all-or-nothing into the ONE small-cap company that stands to grow in lockstep with the InterWorld market.
R.I.P., INTERNET: 1 Explosive InterWorld Stock to Profit HUGE When the Web Goes Dark

In a small town just North of Seattle, one company isn’t just “riding” the InterWorld wave…

With every product it ships out the door, it’s making the wave happen.

Its technology is the final piece of the InterWorld puzzle — much like the internal combustion engine completed the auto industry, and the cathode-ray tube made it possible to put a television in every living room in America.

Its customers include everyone from city planners to video-game designers… from auto manufacturers to fire departments… from a tiny coffee-machine company all the way up to General Electric and Chrysler Motors.

It is the definitive leader in its space…

With a dominant market share and over 350 issued patents…

In short, it’s a no-brainer for anyone who wants direct exposure to the InterWorld industry’s growth in the coming years.

Of course, even though he gets things wrong every now and then, “Mr. Market” tends to know a deal when he sees one. And with a price-to-sales ration of less than 2, this stock is almost certainly the last real deal of the bull market…

That’s probably why it’s already gone on a 186% tear since the beginning of last year!
No Sign of Slowing: Up 186% Since Jan 1, 2013

No Sign of Slowing Graph

This stock is already off to the races. Most investors will kick themselves for missing out on its 186% run since the beginning of last year… but the real money-makers will wise up and get in before it goes up ANOTHER 1,019%!

And it’s just getting started.

That’s why the prominent investment firm Royce & Associates just scooped up a quiet 1.1 million shares…and the Swiss National Bank recently staked its position…

And that’s why the few Wall Street analysts who’ve already caught on to this hidden play — like RBC Capital Markets analyst Paul Treiber — are scrambling to raise their price targets…

“We are re-iterating our Outperform recommendation and raising our price target… investor enthusiasm for the Internet of Things has raised the valuation multiple on [pending catalysts] include connected cars, smart energy and networking… is well positioned in the market as the global leader (#1 market share), [and] has the greatest breadth of products…”

RBC Capital Research Note, Oct. 9, 2013

And here’s the kicker…

As an early investor in this “small-cap” gem of a company — that’s currently being followed by only a handful Wall Street analysts — you would have the opportunity to grab a slice of the action while its total market value is still a fraction of what other “hot” tech stocks are trading for.

Meaning that if this company’s top line grows right alongside the market it operates in, you could make 11 times your money by the year 2020!
So how EXACTLY does this technology work?

Frankly, it’s a bit technical.

And I expect you’re more concerned with turning $8,950 into a cool HUNDRED LARGE than getting deep into the weeds of computer science mumbo-jumbo…

But every good investor knows it’s crucial to look — and understand — before you leap.

So here’s the skinny: in an interview with Collier’s magazine in 1926, Nikola Tesla (the grandfather of modern electricity) gave birth to the idea of the InterWorld when he envisioned a global “wireless system” that would convert the entire planet into “a huge brain.”

He couldn’t have been more spot on! As we’ve already discussed, the InterWorld will be chiefly characterized by constant data flow between humans and machines…

So that a supermarket owner can see how well soup is selling in his Philadelphia store when he’s on vacation — in Florida.

But in order for that data flow to happen, the physical objects that will make up this “huge brain” need to be outfitted with devices that allow them to “talk” about what’s happening…

(That way the shelves that hold soup can let their vacationing owner know how the weight they’re bearing is changing — in real time.)

That’s where “embedded wireless modules” — the flagship product of this exceptional little company — come into play.

Like the copper wiring that enabled a once-fledgling technology known as “electricity” to cover the globe, wireless modules are at the very center of the InterWorld’s explosive growth trajectory.
WIRELESS MODULES: The “Copper Wiring” of the InterWorld Era
Compared to a silver dollar

This small-cap company’s product is roughly the size of a silver dollar — but it enjoys a dominant market share and air-tight patent protection.

Your standard wireless module is made of highly-durable metal and plastic. It’s about as big a silver dollar…

But the technology inside of it is pure gold.

That’s because within every wireless module that this company sells lies the power for it to analyze what’s happening to the object it’s embedded in, and then transmit that data back to the appropriate destination.

And considering that experts are projecting the number of wirelessly embedded devices to balloon from 1.5 billion to 50 billion by 2020, it’s a safe bet that the demand for these modules is going to be massive for years to come.
Normally, when a niche market is gearing up for that level of growth, investors can expect the competition around it to be fierce…

Not this time.

The company I’m writing you about today is that rarest of finds…

An experienced player, in a niche space set for extreme growth, with an absolute stranglehold over its market.

As I already mentioned, the fact that this company is the hands-down leader in its space with over 350 issued patents already has some forward-thinking investors (and Wall Street sharks) on the move…

After all, it’s not every day you see a business with a “competitive moat” that wide!

But here’s the real icing: even though the InterWorld market is just now taking off, this company has been perfecting this technology for over 16 years…

Meaning it has all its ducks in a row to fully exploit a once-in-a-century hyper-growth business environment while its competitors are still wondering who turned the lights on!

That combination of deep experience and patent-protected dominance only rears its head in the stock market once or twice ever 50 years…

Realistically speaking, if you have a few thousand dollars of dry powder lying around…

This could very well be the most important stock you — and your family — will ever own.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you all about this company — including its name and ticker symbol.
But first, there’s someone I need you to meet

I suppose it’s time I tell you who this “rock-star” investor I keep mentioning really is.

But in order to do that, I need to tell you who he ISN’T:

He isn’t some Goldman Guru making a seven figure “bonus” for losing other peoples’ money…

He’s isn’t a stooge holed up in some hedge fund, executing complicated “micro-trades” for clients who already have seven-figure bank accounts…

And he sure isn’t some “financial academic” sending down “theories” from an ivory tower…
His name is David Gardner, and he’s a damn good stock-picker.
David Gardner

I’ve known some great investors in my day — but nobody beats out my boss. He’s led Motley Fool Stock Advisor members to 221% gains during a so-called “lost decade” in which the stock market has returned just 51%.

When David co-founded the Motley Fool with his brother Tom back in 1993, he had one purpose in mind…

To help the world invest — BETTER.

And that’s exactly what he’s been doing ever since, by sniffing out mega-growth stocks and sharing them with his followers before the sharks on Wall Street have gobbled up all the profits.

That’s what he did when he recommended Gilead Sciences back in 2010… or Hasbro back in 2003… or 3D Systems just last year — only to watch all three of them more than triple!

In fact, since he and his brother founded the “Stock Advisor” investment newsletter service in 2002, David has recommended over a hundred profitable stocks for his followers, and DOZENS of “double-baggers” — those are stocks whose value has risen by over 100%!

His track record is truly incredible. In just over a decade, he’s achieved an average return of over 221% on all of his recommendations… that’s more than quadruple what the market has done over the same time period.

He’s been out in front of some of the most important technological revolutions of our lifetime…

Like when he called AOL — IN 1994!

If I had bought back then, I could be sitting pretty on returns of more than 20,640%…

A simple $500 would now be well over $100,000…

And if I’d had to guts to put $5,000 behind David’s advice, I’d be a millionaire by now!

Of course, back in 1994 I still thought the “Internet” was the name of some high-tech basketball hoop.

So I missed out — on what could have been the most incredible investment of my lifetime.

But I won’t make the same mistake twice. And neither should you…
Don’t be “too little, too late” to your InterWorld fortune!

Life is full of expenses.

There’s the good ones — a car for your kid’s sixteenth birthday, or a boat to dock at your new lake house.

And then there’s the bad ones–a loved one’s sudden illness, or a tuition bill that just won’t stop going up.

Now when it comes to managing my expenses, I’ve always been pretty on the ball. And I’m willing to bet that you have too.

But let’s be honest: if you’ve got friends, then you know that every once in a while, life asks people to settle a “surprise tab”…

It’s usually a big one. And it’s almost NEVER one they saw coming.

Your Free Report!

That’s why I’m so excited to send you a complimentary copy of David Gardner’s in-depth research report: “R.I.P. Internet: 1 Explosive InterWorld Stock to Profit HUGE When the Web Goes Dark.”

This report carries a $29 value — but if you claim your copy today, I’ll send it along absolutely free of charge!

By telling you absolutely everything you need to know about this single, extraordinary company, this report won’t just give you a ticker symbol — it’ll also give you that rare peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re putting your financial house in order.

You can’t stop the bills from piling up. But by claiming your free copy of this report, you can start making sure that your personal fortune keeps piling up even faster.

In just a moment, I’ll tell you how you can get ahold of “R.I.P. Internet: 1 Explosive InterWorld Stock to Profit HUGE When the Web Goes Dark” for 100% free — plus I’ll give you the chance to access over 207 winning recommendations from David and his brother Tom by joining the Stock Advisor community for a limited-time discount rate. But before I do that, I have something I just need to get off my chest…
I haven’t been completely honest with you

I hate asking favors of my friends — most of them are busy enough as is.

But when David Gardner released his report on this white-hot InterWorld “pure-play” stock, I did two things right off the bat:

I read the whole thing cover to cover.
I decided I had no choice but to call in a favor — from YOU!

You see, even though I tend to trust David Gardner’s instincts, when it comes to my personal investing I still like to do a bit of research on my own.

(When stock research is what pays your bills, I guess that’s to be expected!)

So when I found out the name of this little-known InterWorld rocketship, you better believe I booted up my computer and started to do some digging.

At first, everything checked out.

It was an unknown player…

In an industry poised for MASSIVE growth…

With a dominant market share and infinite upside potential…

Frankly, it seemed like the sweetest deal I had ever seen the market offer — and in that sense, it was a standard David Gardner pick.

But I kept digging — until I ran across something that WASN’T standard at all.

We are securing customer wins… Q2 was once again robust…[including] the growth of our customer program pipeline… we secured important successor programs with a key customer, solidifying our position…

– Jason , CEO,

That’s a direct quote from the CEO, in a private call he held with a small group of high-powered Wall Street bankers.

To someone who doesn’t make a living reading between the lines of what corporate big-wigs have to say day in and day out, it probably doesn’t paint much of a picture…

But to me, it paints one clear as day.

Specifically: based off his buddy-buddy chats with Wall Street and hours of additional research, I’m confident that the CEO of this company is about to announce an historic customer win…

With a customer SO massive — and so well-known to the everyday customer — that once the news drops, it will be on the FRONT PAGE of every business journal in North America.

But don’t just take my word for it — the evidence speaks for itself!

After all, why else would he keep making vague references to “wins” coming down the “pipeline” — and why the heck would he insist on being so mysterious about one “key customer”??

Simple: because in all likelihood, that “key customer” big-fish business partner that’s about to radically transform his company’s visibility (and value) in the marketplace.

And here’s the real kicker: if my research serves me correctly, it stands to reason that this management team won’t keep that “key customer” a secret for much longer…

In fact, given where they are in their fiscal year, I’d bet my bottom dollar that they’ll have their PR team will be letting this cat out of the bag before the end of their current fiscal quarter…

Meaning that by March 31st, every analyst from Manhattan to Moscow will probably know the name of this stock!

And by the time that happens, all the real money will already be OFF the table.
That’s why it’s absolutely critical that you do YOURSELF the favor of acting immediately — before this stock hits the 7 o’clock news.

This company already counts some of the biggest businesses in the world amongst its clientele…

From Ford and BMW to Honeywell and General Electric, it has exclusive contracts in place with too many major players to count…
Mark and Isabel are Retiring on their Stock Advisor nest egg… What will you do with yours?
Mark and Isabel

Mark and Isabel Hardesty lost everything in the “dot com” bubble. But since then, they’ve done so well with their Stock Advisor investments that this Arizona couple is getting ready to retire…at the ripe old age of 55!

So tell us: Why did you join the Stock Advisor?

Isabel: Let’s see… can anyone say “tech-boom crash”?

Mark: I rode it all the way down. And I said “alright, I’ve proven I’m an idiot… YOU take over!” She’s a lot smarter than I am — she got subscribed to the Stock Advisor, and pretty soon things started going in the other direction.

What have your biggest Stock Advisor winners been?

Isabel: Priceline, for me. I bought it when it was first recommended at $20 a share, and never sold anything.

That stock recently crossed $1,000, right?

Isabel: Yea… not that I’m watching!

Mark: I’m pretty pleased with Netflix and Google.

So how has the money from those winners — Priceline, Google, Netflix — translated into your everyday life?

Isabel: Well, for us it’s meant freedom. We’re going to quit next year and take off and sail around the world.

Mark: I’ve just turned 55… the contribution [Stock Advisor] has made to that is we know we can leave and we’ll be fine. We’ve built enough additional padding — it’s freedom.

So would you say that, as an investment, your Stock Advisor membership has paid off?

Isabel: Yes!

Mark: Like spades… the payback has been THOUSANDS of percent. And it’s always great reading!

But if the announcement coming down the pipeline is with the company that I think it is — and I’m feeling very confident in my guess — than this stock is about to absolutely SOAR onto the tip of every serious tech investor’s tongue.

(Not to mention the stock price… I imagine that once the news leaks, share prices will do a bit of “soaring” as well. That’s a quick, tidy profit for anyone who got in soon enough!)

Put it all together, and the sad reality of the situation couldn’t be any clearer…

In a few short weeks — and maybe even a few short days — every investment banker and his idiot cousin will probably be snooping around this under-the-radar company.

That’s why it’s so crucial that you act today — BEFORE the crowds swoop in and scoop up all the profits.

Your path to once-in-a-lifetime returns starts with giving me the privilege of sending along your own personal copy of David Gardner’s special report: “R.I.P. Internet: 1 Explosive InterWorld Stock to Profit HUGE When the Web Goes Dark”.

Keep in mind that this comprehensive report will be yours to keep. And here’s the best part: I’ll send it along at absolutely no charge.

That’s right — full coverage of this incredible wealth-building opportunity 100% FREE!

All I ask in return is that you help ensure you and your family’s financial well-being once and for all by taking me up on one extraordinary special offer…

It’s a personal invitation to enjoy absolutely everything our Motley Fool Stock Advisor community has to offer…

And it comes with NO RISK, and absolutely NO OBLIGATIONS.

For 30 days, you’ll have the chance to profit from every single one of the 211 winning investments David Gardner and his brother Tom have shared exclusively with their award-winning community of forward-thinking investors.

These are world-class companies, researched by two internationally renowned stock-pickers and their top-notch team of equity analysts…

(I should know how “top-notch” the team is… I work with most of them!)

…and for a limited time, you’ll get access to their entire wealth of actionable profit-building advice without having to risk even a single dime.
Motley Fool Guarantee
Introducing our “Keep Everything and Risk Nothing” DOUBLE GUARANTEE

Our team at Stock Advisor has been helping everyday investors crush the market for over a decade. So when I say we’re good at our work, I’m not just blowing hot air…

I’m talking about hundreds of thousands of lives that have been bettered by insightful, easy-to-read investment advice.

Because of results like that, I’m thrilled to extend you an offer like this…

Try a full 30-day trial of every single wealth-creating resource and recommendation Stock Advisor has to offer…

And if you aren’t entirely satisfied after a full month, I’ll personally refund your money right down to the last penny — no questions asked.
What Investors Like You Are Saying About Motley Fool Stock Advisor

“Stock Advisor is wonderful. Thanks to you guys, I’m managing my own portfolio and I do not lose sleep over it. I’m looking forward to many years of stock info, education, discussion, and buying.”
– Sara R., Sherwood, AR

“Honestly, paying for your services is the best money I spend, and I extract FAR more value than I am paying in.”
– Neil A., Brookline, MA

“I have been a Stock Advisor subscriber since the beginning. This has been such a good investment for my family. I feel so much more secure about our future (retirement needs and college expenses, which are not too far away). ”
– Dennis I., Glendale, AZ

“There are a few must-haves in life. They are (1) air, (2) food and drink, (3) clothing, (4) shelter, and (5) Motley Fool Stock Advisor. Everything else is optional.”
– Phillip R., Anchorage, AK

Over 207 profitable recommendations… dozens of “multi-bagger” picks… exclusive interviews with CEOs like Jeff Bezos of and Elon Musk of Tesla Motors… 24/7 access to live member chats and some of the world’s top equity analysts… up-to-the-minute audio and video coverage of the market’s most promising stocks and stories…

PLUS a complimentary copy of the must-read special report, “R.I.P. Internet: 1 Explosive InterWorld Stock to Profit HUGE When the Web Goes Dark”…

PLUS two additional high-value reports I’ll describe in-depth in just a moment…

All yours to keep. Without any risk whatsoever.

In fact, I’m so confident that you’ll be thrilled with your Stock Advisor experience that I’ll even guarantee you a full, prompt refund for the remainder of your membership at any point after the first 30 days.

But frankly, I don’t think that will be necessary.

Because when the world’s sharpest equity analysts put their heads together for the benefit of everyday investors, the results aren’t just good.

They’re consistently — and profitably — amazing.

By hitching your wagon to the Stock Advisor community today, you’ll be setting yourself up for consistent investment returns like you’ve never seen before.

I’m talking about winners like…

Quality Systems (Nasdaq: QSII) — up 801%

UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) — up 422%

BorgWarner (NYSE: BWA) — up 803%

Gilead Sciences (Nasdaq: GILD) — up 334%

Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) — up 2,504%

That’s just to name a few.

Of course, anyone can cherry-pick results to make it seem like they’re a crack investor. And while the occasional (or, in David Gardner’s case, more-than-occasional) five-or-ten-bagger is certainly nice, I know you don’t just want the “occasional” winner.

Because if you’re like me, you want consistent winners

Well here’s the good news: that’s exactly what David Gardner and his team provide.

But don’t take my word for it… let the data speak for itself.

Stock Advisor vs SP 500

If you had invested $10,000 in the S&P 500 index in March 2002, by November 30, 2013 you could have watched it grown to $19,756. Not bad. But if you had invested that same $10,000 in March 2002 and earned the annualized returns of David Gardner’s recommendations, it would have grown to an incredible $76,292.

He picks profitable investments with statistically extraordinary consistency.

In a moment I’d like to give you two final — and highly valuable — reasons to grow your personal wealth by joining David’s Stock Advisor community today.

But before I do, I think you might like to hear what our current members have to say about their experience.

Neil A, of Brookline, MA, calls his Stock Advisor subscription “the best money I spend… I extract FAR more value than I am paying in.”

And Dennis in Arizona is happy to report that “this has been such a good investment for my family. I feel so much more secure about our future.”

Once you subscribe today, I’ll suspect you feel the same.

After all, when you join forces with a service that The Economist describes as “an ethical oasis” — led by investors that places among “the most widely-followed stock market advisers in the world” — you can expect a best-in-class product…

And an ever better wealth-creating experience.

In a financial landscape that’s bursting at the seams with high-fee index-huggers, Stock Advisor’s simple, actionable advice has changed the futures of countless everyday investors.
Will you let it change your future, too?

By subscribing to Stock Advisor today, you’ll give yourself the chance to get in on this ready-to-pop stock before it becomes a titan of InterWorld technology and a headline darling the world over.

That game-changing announcement could happen any moment.

Maybe it happens a few days from now…

Maybe it happens tomorrow…

Or maybe the company’s PR team is drafting the press release right this very moment.

Regardless, you can bet your bottom dollar that by March 31st the media frenzy around this company will be setting off alarms all over Wall Street…

So if you really want to maximize your investment earnings — and start catching up to the investors who have already rode this stock for a cool 186% since the beginning of last year alone — it’s in your best interest to act this very instant.

And since you’ve been so generous with your time by hearing me out today…

I’m prepared to return your generosity by offering you a one-time-only invitational membership price.

Now, normally our accountants keep guys like me from offering too sweet a deal.

After all, a subscription to Stock Advisor comes with some of the highest-quality investing resources in the entire world. On top of access to all of David Gardner’s market-topping recommendations — and two brand new high-potential stock picks every month — our members enjoy a comprehensive suite of services and features that include…

Monthly issues updating you on how our Core Stocks and Best Buys Now are performing

Breaking alerts by email with important market news that impacts your portfolio

Exclusive interviews with power players from the world of finance (like John Bogle from Vanguard) and some of the top CEOs in the world (like John Mackey from Whole Foods)

24/7 access to our lively online discussion boards — the world’s first (and best!) water-cooler for great investing ideas

A full, no-B.S. scoreboard for all the picks we’ve ever made in Stock Advisor. David calls it “Moneyball for the financial world,” and you won’t find it anywhere else.

For perks like that, you might pay some degree-touting “professional money manager” thousands of dollars a year… just to get 8% a year and a post-card when he goes on vacation!

And most of the time, our accountants insist on an annual fee of $199. Many of our members have gladly joined at this price — and given the returns I’ve just shown you, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a bargain in and of itself.

(Speaking of bargains: when you do join today, I’d ask that for the sake of fairness you please not mention the specifics of today’s offer to existing members…)

But I’m so excited to get you on the path to long-term financial freedom that I’m about to do something truly unusual…

Or, as the bean-counters upstairs might call it, “crazy.”

If you join today through this special offer, I’m prepared to give you access to every benefit we’ve just discussed, risk-free, for a full 30 days…

Plus the chance to lock in the absolute lowest price we’ve ever offered for a full two full years of the service.

AT JUST $98 FOR TWO YEARS of Stock Advisor, YOU’LL SAVE AN INCREDIBLE $300 off the regular membership rate.

Of course, if you’d rather not take advantage of our absolute best offer, you’re still welcome to join Stock Advisor for one year at the special rate of $49.

That’s a full 75% LESS than other investors have gladly paid.

Here’s another way to think about it… for less than 14 cents a day, you get all the cash-generating tools we’ve discussed today, PLUS instant access to your complimentary copy of the tell-all premium report: “R.I.P. Internet: 1 Explosive InterWorld Stock to Profit HUGE When the Web Goes Dark.”

This report will clue you in to the one company that’s about to build the Smart World one sale at a time…

And treat shareholders to an absolutely HISTORIC run.

I can’t wait. And if you’re interested in making the profit of a lifetime, you shouldn’t either…

Because March 31st is coming fast…

So put yourself in a position to scoop up shares of this company — and hundreds of other premium recommendations from David Gardner and his brother Tom — by clicking the “START NOW” button at the bottom of this page.

That way you can give yourself the chance to earn market-stomping returns right away.

The “thank-you” your grandchildren will give you when you take them on their first European vacation is reason enough to act now…

But in case you need a little more convincing (I don’t blame you — I’m a discerning shopper myself!), I’m prepared to offer you two additional premium research reports if you join our community through this offer today.

These are two of our most highly sought-after action guides, painstakingly compiled by some of the financial world’s best and brightest minds…
Your Free Report!

3 Stocks to Own for the New Industrial Revolution (A $29 Value — Yours FREE!):
Reveals The Motley Fool’s top three 3D printing plays and shows you exactly how to position yourself to cash in on the coming investment boom.
Your Free Report!

The Little Engine That Could (Make You Rich) (A $29 Value — Yours FREE!):
Reveals the tiny company that holds the key to America’s independence from foreign oil. They’ve invented a way for you to pump natural gas fuel into a real car or truck for just $1.50 a gallon. Plus, it’s 27% cleaner than gasoline, with no need for electrical plugs, batteries, or fairy dust. Find out how this upstart is beating Ford, Volvo, and Shell to the punch.

Plus, as a thank you for reading my investing report today, I’ll even throw in yet another free gift that’s even MORE valuable.
Set yourself up for massive profits in the coming year with
Stocks 2014: 12 Stocks to Outsmart the Market Today
– a $99 value — yours absolutely FREE

Motley Fool co-founders David and Tom Gardner recently rounded up a team of the nation’s top equity analysts to identify the stocks that stand to profit most in the coming year…

After exhaustive research, debate, and number crunching, these top Motley Fool stock pickers have emerged with 12 companies that will position you to profit in 2014, including…

A power player lined up to actually profit from Obamacare. Although the market has given it the cold shoulder,”this outlook couldn’t be more short-sighted,” according to one top analyst. That’s because it’s perfectly positioned to cash in on two massive trends that are aligning right now in America: healthcare cost inflation and an aging population

Stocks 2014

An up-and-coming Silicon Valley powerhouse founded by an ambitious Harvard drop-out…but it’s NOT Facebook! Forget iGadgets and Twitter–find out the one stock serious tech investors are scrambling to get in on.
An under-the-radar oil and natural gas development firm. This company provides state-of-the-art seismic data that makes complex drilling possible — a service major companies like BP, Shell, and Statoil are ponying up big money for…

You’ll discover these three companies, plus nine more powerful investing opportunities, the instant you download your FREE copy of Stocks 2014: The Investor’s Guide to the Year Ahead.

This is the highly sought-after annual report that has handed investors market-beating returns year after year. In fact, our top pick from 2013 shot up 134% while the S&P 500 rose just 26%. And we’re confident the companies in this year’s report could do even better.

To be honest, I might be giving away a bit too much…
After all, these FREE guides and discounts are worth more than $450!

That’s over nine times what you could pay to join Stock Advisor today–and you won’t have to risk a single dollar.

In other words: you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose. And in today’s world, that’s truly rare.

Of course, just like any other rare opportunity, this offer comes with a catch: it could be gone by tomorrow.

Our accountants keep telling me we can’t stay profitable offering deals like this…

And I keep telling them to remember our founding purpose:

To help the world invest. BETTER.

That was reason enough for them to let me send you this personal invitation. But depending on how many investors decide to join today, this offer could go off the table at any moment.

Look… investing isn’t just my passion — it’s my profession.

So when I say that the market is offering something special — something that our members are already quietly packing into their portfolios — I hope you’ll believe me.

And I hope you won’t risk missing out.

Just click the “Start Now” button below to join us, and begin securing a lifetime of wealth for you and your family today.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Here’s to “something special”!
Lyons George
David Meier
Investment Research Analyst
The Motley Fool

P.S. The death of the Internet is tragic to some—but Silicon Valley insiders are guzzling champagne at its funeral! That’s because for everyone who’s clued in to the massively profitable market that will rise from the Internet’s ashes, the end of the World Wide Web will lead directly to the beginning of a $14.4 TRILLION opportunity.

Which is why everyone from Manhattan money-men to the National Bank of Switzerland are frantically scooping up shares. And with this company set to hit the front page of every newspaper in America by March 31st, anyone looking to get in on this 1,019% rocket-ship would be wise to do the same. So if you’re truly interested in ensuring your shot at turning $500 into $5,595 — or turning $8,950 into an easy HUNDRED GRAND, do not waste another moment. March 31st is coming quick — don’t risk missing out. Click here to find out the name of this amazing company right away!

P.P.S. Remember, this is a unique win-win proposition because your free gifts are covered by The Motley Fool’s “keep everything risk nothing” DOUBLE GUARANTEE. But, out of respect for our paying members, the $486 in total discounts I’m offering you today is strictly time-limited… I truly cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to extend this offer ever again. To take full advantage, you must join through this email today!

All official Motley Fool Stock Advisor returns as of January 14, 2014. All other numbers as of January 16, 2014. The Motley Fool owns shares of 3D Systems, Activision Blizzard,, Apple, Bank of America, Berkshire Hathaway, Ford, General Electric, Google, Hasbro, IBM, Netflix,, Walt Disney, and Whole Foods Market and has the following options: short January 2014 $20 puts on 3D Systems. John Mackey, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors.

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